Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

Indian Summer Harvesting

With summer coming to an abrupt close for many of us, we should take full advantage of the bright sunny days that we can walk outside without a jacket, and of the fresh fruits and vegetables of local gardens.

Most folks I know love the smell of fall and the feel of the cool crisp air. We will soon glow with the sunshine bouncing off the colorful leaves of autumn. Fall is a time when we begin once again to simmer stews, make heartier soups and other warming foods. Apple picking is among the weekend ventures as well as canning. Canning is something I have not yet ventured to do myself but I see it somewhere in my near future. I have a terrific sister-in-law that cans like crazy and she’s very good at it…to her I raise my jar!

Some produce from the Indian Summer bounty includes Brussels sprouts, kale, sweet potatoes, winter squash such as acorn, pumpkin, butternut, garlic, carrots, avocado, apples. citrus fruits, figs, dates, ginger, and several other herbs and spices. This is just to name a few, you can find more at your local farm or farmers market.

Dig in and dig this lovely weather. Enjoy the last bits of very warm sunshine and try with all your might to be in the moment each day. Harvest all that you can physically and emotionally!

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