Portion im-Perfection

For the past year or so a lot has happened – to me personally, and to everyone in the world – literally. This has caused me, or rather allowed me to exhale long and slow. With that brought indulgences.

I have been awakened to my portion sizes of my dinner meals. I cook healthy foods 90% of the time but for some reason that gave me permission to have a lot more veggies or a lot of lean meat. I dismissed the fact that while I don’t lean on counting calories, the amount of food I eat adds calories, a too many, even if they aren’t empty calories, they add up. I scroll through Instagram, the web or social media and see so many delectable foods, recipes, and such beautiful plating and it’s inspiring. The majority of plates I see are fairly filled to the edges but the most beautiful and inviting meals are the ones that have just enough food on them. Seeing the perfect portion to fuel our bodies reminds me to slow down when eating, taste, feel, smell and thoroughly enjoy the food that is presented.

Food is meant to fuel our fine-tuned body. Mealtime is meant to slow us down, to be in the moment, to gather with family and/or friends and connect. Even when we are in a position that we eat alone, it can be a time to be in the moment, reflect on the day ahead or the day behind us.

Eating is necessary but we need not overindulge. Take a step back and reset your mealtime habits. Take note of how you fill your plate. Take note of how your food smells, looks and tastes. Be aware of when you’re feeling satisfied and take note of how much is on your plate at that moment of satiety. Use that as your guide when you serve yourself in future meals and whittle down your imperfect portion until it is perfect.

Happy, healthy, eating!

My Habit vs. My Goal

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