C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Stuffed Swiss Chard

I went to my favorite farm stand in town and picked up some great greens. One particular green I bought was Swiss chard; the leaves were enormous and crispy and bright. I used some in salad and other dishes but I still had a lot of large leaves left so I decided to stuff them… Continue reading Stuffed Swiss Chard


Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where attention goes comes from the book “The Secret” and when I read that it made complete sense to me. I watch and listen to people everywhere and I see how this statement is true. Where you put your focus is where you feed your desire or your problem; so, after reading that… Continue reading Energy Flows Where Attention Goes



Motivation must come from within you. It’s not something that can be given or received. Motivators are simply tools to help you organize your thinking and organize your plans. When you feel unmotivated to do something it’s just a mindset that you’re in. You might be unmotivated because your task seems uninteresting to you, it… Continue reading Motivation

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Start from Where You Are; Do the Next Right Thing

You start something new; eating better, exercising, less sugar, less snacking, quit smoking, drinking etc. You start out strong and well-intentioned but one day during lunch you slip up a little and you talk yourself into feelings of failure & inadequacy, reminding yourself of all the times you’ve repeated this behavior in the past and… Continue reading Start from Where You Are; Do the Next Right Thing

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Why to Eat in Season Foods & What Ones to Eat

With so many choices for foods to eat just about anywhere you turn, particularly if you live in an urban or suburban area, it’s no wonder many of us are in a constant struggle to lose weight, to feel better, to eat less, to sleep better, to not feel bloated, to have less stress and… Continue reading Why to Eat in Season Foods & What Ones to Eat

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Coconut Oil, Friend or Foe?

I use cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil less than I used to. I didn’t taste much difference between that and a light olive oil in stir-frying. My knowledge of coconut oil in the past was that it wasn’t very good for you so my curiosity in why that ‘claim’ is different today, is no surprise.… Continue reading Coconut Oil, Friend or Foe?

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Sugar Belly

  Chances are, you have heard the words and/or read about sugar belly. It’s a real issue so I thought I’d make a quick note for you to get some of the basics of sugar belly so that you can begin making small changes today that will lead to big changes for your future. Sugar belly could… Continue reading Sugar Belly


Are You Resistant to Change?

We want change in our lives, we want it on a regular basis and we make plans to make the desired changes but we never quite follow through–but why not? Why does change excite us and tease us but scare us at the same time? Why do we plan to dive in fully but put… Continue reading Are You Resistant to Change?



What one or two things helps you find motivation and inspiration? Is it a particular item? Is it a certain aspect of nature? Does motivation come from support of friends or loved ones? Does a certain person inspire you? Whatever your source of motivation and inspiration is, use it!  If you are unsure of what… Continue reading Motivation


Self-control is easier when your mind and body is busy…

I was deep into my work and didn’t think about food until my stomach growled ‘feed me’. Hunger felt good. We, too often, eat for several reasons from it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time-even though we ate a big snack 10 minutes ago or because we’re meeting friends and that always involves food; a restaurant… Continue reading Self-control is easier when your mind and body is busy…