Emotional Eating

I’ve never been a stress eater, in fact, I’m more of a stress non-eater. I forget about food, I’m not even hungry during stressful situations. We all react differently to stress and we can react differently to each type of stress we encounter. For some of us, frustration or feeling lack of control in a… Continue reading Emotional Eating


Citrus – A beneficial winter fruit

Citrus fruits have many benefits including of course high vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a key role in the formation of collagen: a primary component of the connective tissue in the body strengthening ligaments, tendons, dentin, skin, blood vessels and bones. It aids in wound healing, tissue repair and helps against cell damage. Citrus fruits… Continue reading Citrus – A beneficial winter fruit


Changeable Habits

I always thought that if I had an addiction I’d be able to stop whenever I wanted. The truth is I can and you can too; what holds us back is not putting our willpower into play. Personally, I sometimes find myself coming up with excuses, just one more, well, I had a good day,… Continue reading Changeable Habits


Working Toward Goals

Are you working toward your goals and succeeding? If not, what things are getting in your way? What stops you from reaching your destination? Are you eliminating the unnecessary things in your daily routine or are you doing the same thing over and over thinking that eventually you’ll get the results you’re looking for? And… Continue reading Working Toward Goals

Eat to live!

Diabetes-What you eat matters!

Diabetes is the body’s inability to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes means the pancreas doesn’t make any or enough insulin, a hormone produced to metabolize fat and carbohydrates in the body. Type 2 means that the pancreas doesn’t… Continue reading Diabetes-What you eat matters!

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Beans for Health & They’re Delicious!

Kidney Beans  Kidney beans are high in cholesterol-lowering fiber, (45% RDA in just 1 cup), and are good for regulating blood sugar making them a perfect food and/or snack for diabetics and those with hypoglycemia. Kidney beans are a good source of plant protein and they are fat free. These beans are heart healthy gems… Continue reading Beans for Health & They’re Delicious!

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Healthy Lungs & Foods that Help

Healthy Lung Foods Winter unfortunately ushers in colds, flu, bronchitis and pnuemonia. A few things that you can do to help boost your lung function is of course drink plenty of water; many of us decrease water consumption when the weather isn’t hot, however, it’s important to drink plenty every day of the year. Increasing… Continue reading Healthy Lungs & Foods that Help

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast) · Eat to live!

Roasted Garlic Soup

If you’re lucky enough to have a neighbor/farm that grows an abundance of garlic to sell/share as I am, you know how truly lucky you are. Garlic from a store is just fine if there is not a farm nearby. Garlic is one of those super foods we just shouldn’t live without. It is versatile,… Continue reading Roasted Garlic Soup

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Crockpot Vegetable & Bean Chili

Using a crockpot offers several advantages; quick prep in the morning (or sometimes the night before if you add any meat just before cooking) allows you to come home to a hot home-cooked meal at the end of the day, you can cook a casserole in the oven and use the crockpot to keep it… Continue reading Crockpot Vegetable & Bean Chili

Eat to live!

Take Small Steps in Relying on Yourself

Sometimes we need to get things done as easily and quickly as possible due to time constraints, physical health/ability and a number of other stumbling blocks. If you too are looking for easier meal prep, read on…