Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Food, Mood and Attitude

Too often our food consumption is based solely on our mood and/or attitude. We might have good intentions of eating well all the time or this week or just for today – taking it one day at a time but then something happens that alters our mood and changes our attitude and we slip.

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Healthy Blood – Strong Body – Strong Heart

Your entire body is built and supported by your blood; your tissues, organs, cells and every other tiny piece of you. Healthy blood of course leads to a healthy body.
Your blood needs oxygen, iron and other minerals and vitamins especially including a complex of B vitamins.

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Reduce Your Stress

Every one of us encounters stressful situations from time to time. Stress will always be a part of life but you don’t have to let it take over your well-being and sanity. Stress often is the result of how we interpret a situation. How we handle stress that comes our way is the key to… Continue reading Reduce Your Stress

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Help Your Body Heal During and After Illness & Stress (and in-between!)

Stressful moments in our lives are inevitable from time to time. Surgery and illness are also likely to occur. Stress, illness and surgery can bring on symptoms that interrupt our body’s ability to heal quickly or fully but you can take steps to help the healing process. Food, emotional support, mental focus, and of course… Continue reading Help Your Body Heal During and After Illness & Stress (and in-between!)

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Eat Foods that Boost Your Mood

It’s so much easier to stray from your diet than to stay with your diet. While I hesitate and strongly dislike using the word diet, the way we eat no matter how healthy or how poorly is truly our diet. The individual nutrients in the food you eat have a direct impact on your moods.… Continue reading Eat Foods that Boost Your Mood

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Allergies – Are They a Constant Issue for You?

There are allergy seasons and allergy reasons. Many of us suffer from one or both on a yearly or daily basis. Allergy season is just weeks away for many of us so welcome Spring prepared. When spring arrives our allergy symptoms seem to arrive as well. Sometimes we can alleviate them through natural remedies and… Continue reading Allergies – Are They a Constant Issue for You?

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Your “Place” of Peace and Growth

Are you in an environment that feeds your spirit and calms your soul? When you come home at night, do you feel at ease, comfortable and ready to unwind and relax? Your environment plays an important part in your overall health and daily habits. If you’re stressed even after you are home in ‘your safe… Continue reading Your “Place” of Peace and Growth

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Releasing Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

Connect with yourself. Give yourself credit for what you have dealt with or are dealing with. Accept where you are and appreciate it for being better than where you could be. Get warm. Warmth eases tension, imparts calm – try a hot shower, warm bath, blankets, whatever helps you feel toasty and cozy. Yoga breathing.… Continue reading Releasing Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Getting Grounded-Feeling Connected

If you’re a warmer weather lover, the warm days left of the year are few. Take full advantage of getting outside and grounding yourself with nature. Being outdoors awakens the senses and restores wellness. There have been scientific studies done showing that nature can give the immune system a boost, reduce pain, relieve stress, lower… Continue reading Getting Grounded-Feeling Connected

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5 Steps Toward Detoxification & a Body Reset

A good way to begin a healthy summer is by eliminating toxins from the body.        What are toxins? Toxins are poisonous substances produced in living cells that are often responsible for causing disease, illness and negative side affects in our body. Toxicants are man made chemicals that can be absorbed into our bodies as well.… Continue reading 5 Steps Toward Detoxification & a Body Reset