Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Your “Place” of Peace and Growth

Are you in an environment that feeds your spirit and calms your soul? When you come home at night, do you feel at ease, comfortable and ready to unwind and relax? Your environment plays an important part in your overall health and daily habits. If you’re stressed even after you are home in ‘your safe… Continue reading Your “Place” of Peace and Growth


Step Away

Sometimes you need to step away from a situation in order to see it clearly or to find clarity. If you’re feeling lost, in doubt, at a road block or a fork in your road of life and you’re not sure which way to go, the best thing to do is to step back and… Continue reading Step Away


Six Seeds of Goodness

The seeds that are in most pantries but get little attention and have BIG benefits. Chia– high in protein, calcium and fiber; helps stabilize blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease Fennel– relaxant, helps reduce water weight, decreases food cravings, reduces allergy inflammation and breaks up fat deposits Celery– reduces inflammation, helps lower blood pressure… Continue reading Six Seeds of Goodness


Feeling Over-committed and Overwhelmed

Do you feel like you’re over-committed? Have you lost focus of who you are, how you want your life to be; have you lost focus of your personal goals? If so, what one or two things can you change to get your focus back? When we lose focus of our dreams, desires or goals we… Continue reading Feeling Over-committed and Overwhelmed


Your Liver and Weight Loss

Do you watch what you eat, try to lose weight but just can’t? Are you being kind to your liver? The liver is the major fat burning organ in your body. It also pumps excessive fat out of your body through bile. A healthy liver removes dead, unhealthy cells, toxic chemicals, heavy metals that are… Continue reading Your Liver and Weight Loss


Have a Healthy Flu Season

It’s winter, it’s flu season-and this year the flu virus has been finding so many of us. Because of this, I feel that it’s important to share some information and tips on keeping your immune system healthy and strong. The job of your immune system is to “serve and protect”.  It is in the form… Continue reading Have a Healthy Flu Season


Healthy Lunch at Work

I am often asked for help in eating healthy at work. The best thing you can do for yourself is to bring lunch in from home and eat only what you bring in. Homemade lunch is easier that you might be thinking so I’m going to help you plan your work lunches. First, if you… Continue reading Healthy Lunch at Work

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)


Citrus fruits have many benefits including of course high vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a key role in the formation of collagen: a primary component of the connective tissue in the body strengthening ligaments, tendons, dentin, skin, blood vessels and bones. It aids in wound healing, tissue repair and helps against cell damage. Citrus fruits… Continue reading Citrus


Goal Setting & Success

Do you have a goal that you’ve wanted to reach but either put it off until a “better time” or when you feel you can focus on it more? Do you have a goal but you’re not sure how or where to begin? What steps to take first? Most of us have goals. Many of… Continue reading Goal Setting & Success


7 Tips for When You Feel Like You’ve Hit a Plateau

Very often when we work on losing weight or when we exercise or even when we begin a new daily good habit we start out well and we feel energized by our success. Too soon after we are in the groove of our newly adopted habits and feeling good, we notice less change happening. We… Continue reading 7 Tips for When You Feel Like You’ve Hit a Plateau