In a word, how do you feel?

I once posted a question on my Facebook page asking followers to leave one word describing how they feel and I got an astounding number of responses; somewhere in the 60 -70 plus range! The common flow of answers followed a theme; exhausted, hectic, long day, busy, frustrated and sad were among some. The answers… Continue reading In a word, how do you feel?

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

Hypertension aka High Blood Pressure (HBP) puts strain on the heart – think of it as “hyper = excessive” “tension = Stretch/strain”. When there is excessive strain on the arteries and the heart it can lead to stroke, aneurysm, peripheral artery disease and is a cause of kidney disease. Some signs and symptoms of hypertension… Continue reading Hypertension/High Blood Pressure


The Disorderly Mess of a Chaotic Mind

Your head feels like it’s spinning just as fast as your thoughts come and go. You have a list of things you have to do, want to do, should do, wish you could do and dream about doing. You have another list, probably written, of things you wish you didn’t have to do, things you… Continue reading The Disorderly Mess of a Chaotic Mind

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

7 Common Diet Mistakes & Misconceptions

Here are some simple and basic guidelines for healthy eating, weight loss or control and for just getting back to basics!

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Food, Mood and Attitude

Too often our food consumption is based solely on our mood and/or attitude. We might have good intentions of eating well all the time or this week or just for today – taking it one day at a time but then something happens that alters our mood and changes our attitude and we slip.

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Healthy Blood – Strong Body – Strong Heart

Your entire body is built and supported by your blood; your tissues, organs, cells and every other tiny piece of you. Healthy blood of course leads to a healthy body.
Your blood needs oxygen, iron and other minerals and vitamins especially including a complex of B vitamins.


Give & Take

Relationships, whether they are personal, family or on a professional level require give and take. You’ve heard the phrase before but have you truly listened to the words? Give comes first; take follows. When situations involve two or more people we must work together, compromise and respect others’ thoughts, ideas and feelings. When we give,… Continue reading Give & Take

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Reduce Your Stress

Every one of us encounters stressful situations from time to time. Stress will always be a part of life but you don’t have to let it take over your well-being and sanity. Stress often is the result of how we interpret a situation. How we handle stress that comes our way is the key to… Continue reading Reduce Your Stress


Why Are We Resistant to Change?

We want change in our lives, we want it on a regular basis and we make plans to make the desired changes but we never quite follow through–but why not? Why does change excite us and tease us but scare us at the same time? Why do we plan to dive in fully but put… Continue reading Why Are We Resistant to Change?


Hamster Wheel

Do you feel like you work hard to reach your goals but don’t get anywhere? Do you feel like maybe you’re on the ’down’ escalator walking ’up’?