Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure

Whether you want to lower your blood pressure or maintain a good blood pressure, a few simple changes can help. What causes your blood pressure to be too high? Being overweight, smoking, alcohol, stress, salt, caffeine, sleep apnea & other sleeping disorders such as insomnia, thyroid disorders, inactivity & family history. You can lower your… Continue reading Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Beta-Blockers and the Migraine Connection

A while ago I was talking with a relative about headaches; particularly migraines. I get them too often and she mentioned that she used to get them until she began taking beta-blockers for high blood pressure. This information caught my attention and my desire to find an organic supplementation of beta-blockers and the following is… Continue reading Beta-Blockers and the Migraine Connection

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Spring Vegetable Stew

As winter fades out and spring eases in, it’s a good idea to lighten your meals. You can do that through eating spring vegetables and other seasonal produce. Eating clean and in season is a way your body adjusts to each wonderful season. Try this simple vegetable stew this week and ease your way into lighter eating for spring.


Find Your Freedom from Sugar with These [Easy to Do] Changes

If you’re addicted to sugar it might not be completely your fault. Sugar is found in so many items that you wouldn’t expect to find it. For instance, just today at the grocery store, I needed sour cream and thought why not low-fat since all they truly need to do is skim the fat off… Continue reading Find Your Freedom from Sugar with These [Easy to Do] Changes

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Food, Mood & Lifestyle Happiness

I don’t remember where but I once read this line, “Your relationship to food mirrors your relationship to your life” and as I pondered it, I realized that it’s a pretty accurate statement. What does this statement actually mean? Well, I took it apart in ways that I personally had felt about the types food… Continue reading Food, Mood & Lifestyle Happiness

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Winter Woes, Water and Vitamin D

n the winter months..Your body is made of 70% water! It needs clean, fresh water every day to filter toxins out of your blood and flush them away. When you don’t drink enough, your body will hold on to whatever water it has to store no matter.. & Healthy levels of vitamin D are responsible for helping the body utilize calcium properly which in turn..


Meditation Integration

What do you imagine when someone says they meditate or that you should try meditating? Meditation is a good habit to integrate into your daily routine. It’s easy to learn and beneficial to reduce stress, ease breathing and anxiety and to help you re-center and ground yourself. Here’s how to begin a simple, uncomplicated meditation… Continue reading Meditation Integration

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Simple Habits for a Healthy Heart

I want to talk about a healthy heart..again – it’s that important!  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease (common cause is plaque buildup that can’t be cured, only treated), peripheral artery disease (calcium and fat buildup on artery walls) are common heart issues, followed by other heart issues not caused by dietary and… Continue reading Simple Habits for a Healthy Heart


Be a Stand-Up Person & Stand Up for Yourself Too

If you are the kind of person who will almost drop everything you’re doing to help another, remember it’s either your choice or your inborn ways that lead you to do so. When you do for others, make sure you’re doing with a happy heart; if you’re doing out of guilt or expectation, be aware… Continue reading Be a Stand-Up Person & Stand Up for Yourself Too

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

New Year & Throughout the Year Recharge

A few times throughout the year you might find yourself worn down, out of energy, physically & mentally drained; January is most often one of those times due to the hustle/bustle of the holidays. When you find yourself in need of a recharge the following tips can help boost your energy and alertness. Get enough… Continue reading New Year & Throughout the Year Recharge