Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Simple Habits for a Healthy Heart

I want to talk about a healthy heart..again – it’s that important!  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease (common cause is plaque buildup that can’t be cured, only treated), peripheral artery disease (calcium and fat buildup on artery walls) are common heart issues, followed by other heart issues not caused by dietary and… Continue reading Simple Habits for a Healthy Heart


Be a Stand-Up Person & Stand Up for Yourself Too

If you are the kind of person who will almost drop everything you’re doing to help another, remember it’s either your choice or your inborn ways that lead you to do so. When you do for others, make sure you’re doing with a happy heart; if you’re doing out of guilt or expectation, be aware… Continue reading Be a Stand-Up Person & Stand Up for Yourself Too

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

New Year & Throughout the Year Recharge

A few times throughout the year you might find yourself worn down, out of energy, physically & mentally drained; January is most often one of those times due to the hustle/bustle of the holidays. When you find yourself in need of a recharge the following tips can help boost your energy and alertness. Get enough… Continue reading New Year & Throughout the Year Recharge

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Setting Goals

As each new year settles in, many of us have set goals for ourselves for the coming year. It’s common habit to follow through for the first few months but often by April, we have forgotten our plan. Why does this happen? There are a few likely reasons that we let go of our resolutions.… Continue reading Setting Goals

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Cold Hands & Feet

Do you often have cold hands and feet when the rest of your body is warm? Does it keep you from feeling comfortable or from falling asleep easily? I have a few tips that just might help you out! There is a wide range of causes for cold hands and feet including underlying diseases such… Continue reading Cold Hands & Feet

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Cleansing Healthy One Bowl

I’m a big fan of getting all the nutrients from a meal in one dish; I like one dish casseroles, soup and stew and absolutely a “Buddha” bowl of health! Since the holidays have come and gone there’s no better time to either start a healthy body, healthy diet regimen. All it takes is making… Continue reading Cleansing Healthy One Bowl

Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Taking Time to Breathe

Having been exposed to poor breathing issues both personally and secondary to family members since childhood, I’ve come to appreciate the art of breathing more than ever. As a young child I was hospitalized for 21 days with pneumonia and my lungs haven’t been the same since. My younger brother has suffered from severe asthma… Continue reading Taking Time to Breathe

C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Detoxifying Baked-Stuffed Winter Squash

Eating lean and clean after big celebrations such as winter holidays and summertime barbeques can be beneficial to keeping yourself in good health. Here is a wintertime squash recipe that can help your body get rid of toxins and sluggish cells. Choose Acorn, pumpkin, butternut or buttercup squash 1 cup Brussels sprouts cleaned and cut… Continue reading Detoxifying Baked-Stuffed Winter Squash

Don't Live to Eat, Eat to live!

Diet & Disease

Diet is whatever you eat, it’s not something that you go on and go off of, it’s not cheating, it’s not depriving, diet is food. The foods you choose to eat can help keep you healthy or make you sick. Not all food causes disease and not all food stops disease. Food choices play a… Continue reading Diet & Disease