C.H.E.F. Recipes (Cheap Healthy Easy Fast)

Cleansing Healthy One Bowl


I’m a big fan of getting all the nutrients from a meal in one dish; I like one dish casseroles, soup and stew and absolutely a “Buddha” bowl of health!

Since the holidays have come and gone there’s no better time to either start a healthy body, healthy diet regimen. All it takes is making the right choices, portion control and a little bit of exercise every day. Today I’m going to share a simple strategy for making a Healthy One Bowl for lunch or dinner. Don’t be fooled, this might not seem filling and satisfying but I promise you it is!

Pick a base layer:

Brown rice, quinoa, rice noodles, barley, bulgur

Pick a protein:

Beans (rinsed well and drained or fried that has been soaked overnight and simmered until soft), tofu, lean chicken or fish, or omit this option depending on what you feel like or have on hand that day

Pick your veggies: (and fruit if you wish)

Steamed, sautéed or raw – sweet potato (baked), squash, kale, spinach, pea sprouts, beets, carrots, celery, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, bean sprouts, other sprouts, any greens you enjoy… Fruit choices, sliced or chopped apple, pear, pineapple, mango, kiwi, orange/Clementine

Choose your toppings:

Hard/soft boiled eggs-chopped, chickpeas, avocado, berries, nuts, seeds

Add a sauce, olive oil salt and pepper work well, *tahini paste blended well with olive oil, lemon juice and nutritional yeast makes a great drizzle for any “One Bowl”.

*thin it with water if needed until it’s thin and syrupy enough to drizzle.

Leftovers from dinner, or make extra for a few lunches following, make great addition to a Healthy One Bowl. The only rules to a healthy one bowl are choose low-fat/fat-free, whole, natural foods. Make meal time easy for yourself and remember that mealtime is merely a time to fuel your body.

Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat · Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

5 Steps Toward Detoxification & a Body Reset

Zucchini & Crookneck squash with tomatoes, onions & garlic - roasted on the grill
Zucchini & Crookneck squash with tomatoes, onions & garlic – roasted on the grill

A good way to begin a healthy summer is by eliminating toxins from the body.       
What are toxins? Toxins are poisonous substances produced in living cells that are often responsible for causing disease, illness and negative side affects in our body. Toxicants are man made chemicals that can be absorbed into our bodies as well.

Both toxins and toxicants raise havoc on our health which quite often we don’t recognize as toxic overload. They enter our body through breathing the air, eating foods with these substances on or in them, and through the skin.

The ways we can clear them out of our body vary from fasting, to a cleanse, to daily clean eating. You can choose which one is right for you. The following are simple guidelines for clean eating detox.

1 – Drink plenty of pure water. Aim for at least 50-80 ounces a day of plain water.

2 – Clean out your digestive track and bowels daily. If you find it more difficult than you wish to admit to eliminate regularly, don’t stress, there are a few natural things that can help. Magnesium citrate is extremely helpful; you can get it in capsule form or powder form to mix as a drink, this product is called Calm and you can find it online or in most health food stores including Whole Foods. Some other help can be found by taking 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed and a good quality acidophilus supplement as well as drinking plenty of water as proper hydration helps promote healthy bowels.

3 – Eat clean, especially naturally detoxifying foods like dark green vegetables, leafy and cruciferous, as well as lemon juice, garlic and onions.

4 – eliminate processed foods – they are heavy with chemicals that are toxic and offer little nutritional value

5 – Daily exercise which includes breaking a sweat helps toxins move through and out of your body

6 – Eliminate ‘white’ foods such as breads, pasta, white rice, and potatoes-sweet potatoes and yams are always great to eat.

7 – Minimize or eliminate drugs that are especially toxic to the liver. When you detox the body, you often find less need for medications. As always though, NEVER stop taking a medication without the consent of your doctor.

8 – Relax daily. Clearing your mind also clears the body. Take time to sit quietly, walk gently, meditate and breathe fully and gently.

If you’d like to know more about a full cleanse or personal coaching to help you eat and live better please contact me and I will happily work with you. You can write to me at Dawn@InitiateWellness.com .