Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

Comfort Outside of Food

Comfort comes in many forms and for each of us comfort means something very different from the next.

We all seek comfort. We look for it in our family members, our friends, sometimes strangers, nowadays we can reach out and find it through social media, we seek it from our pets, some look for it in cleaning, shopping, going to the gym, finding distraction in a movie; we also look to food for comfort and some look for it in a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or other alcohol. I’m sure there are hundreds more ways people look for and sometimes find comfort.

Along with looking for comforting situations comes the reason we seek it. Those reasons are endless and among them is stress, sadness, boredom, depression and loneliness.

Too often many comforts lead to less than healthy choices. We crave certain foods when we seek comfort. Particular textures and tastes have much to do with how we are feeling. Common cravings are sweets, carbs, junk foods and alcohol. Giving in to these cravings leads us into a downward spiral often leaving us feeling worse.

If you find yourself seeking comfort on a regular basis and turning to foods or activities that you know deep down isn’t doing your body of lifestyle any good, take a step back and make a decision to finally take care of YOU. Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is important for a healthy, happy and long life.

As a holistic health coach, I’ve helped people overcome their overwhelming desire to give in to self-sabotaging choices for seeking comfort. Is seeking unhealthy “comfort foods” getting you down? Let’s talk!


Be a Stand-Up Person & Stand Up for Yourself Too


If you are the kind of person who will almost drop everything you’re doing to help another, remember it’s either your choice or your inborn ways that lead you to do so. When you do for others, make sure you’re doing with a happy heart; if you’re doing out of guilt or expectation, be aware that you might be neglecting your own responsibilities.

Through experience, I and others I know, have fallen off track from personal and professional duties by putting ‘self’ last.

Follow your gut and follow through with your intentions and promises but don’t lose yourself along the way.  If it’s a matter of who you are, don’t let it get out of hand. Learn to say no when you must, learn to let go when it’s time and realize that everything is not up to you to fix.

None of us must carry a burden alone. Do what you can. Be true to who you are. Don’t lose yourself to anyone for any reason.

Be kind to others but also be kind to yourself.

Always be your authentic self and learn not to apologize for who you are and what you are committed to do.

Breathe. Take a moment, reflect on where you are in your personal life and professional life. Recharge your plans, duties and goals.