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Setting Goals

20150313_084209As each new year settles in, many of us have set goals for ourselves for the coming year. It’s common habit to follow through for the first few months but often by April, we have forgotten our plan. Why does this happen? There are a few likely reasons that we let go of our resolutions. We might lose interest in our goals, our goals are set too high, we get busy, we didn’t plan well, we are overwhelmed, we slipped so we gave up, or even worse, we lose faith in ourselves. Whatever reason you might have personally, probably has happened more than once.

Resolutions and goal setting around weight loss is one of the most popular subjects followed by eating better, working out, and tidying up. Important goals to achieve that aren’t always in the forefront is emotional relief and personal care. Taking care of yourself includes mind, body and spirit.

A few quick guidelines to goal setting include:

  • 1 – Make your goal(s) reasonable, don’t over-burden yourself with too many goals at one time
  • 2 – If you slip up, don’t give up – never use the word cheat it’s a negative word and you need positive encouragement
  • 3 – Set a time when you will work on your goal each day or week depending on your personal goal
  • 4 – Be held accountable and learn what works for your particular body-type and schedule.

When you set goals, it’s important to plan properly, make sure your goals are reasonable, and figure out why you can’t seem to stay on task. Getting guidance from a certified wellness coach is an important step in setting and reaching your personal goals. Learning the proper steps and what works for you specifically, will ensure lifelong success.



Key Notches & Success

20160106_153349-1When you open a lock with a key you must put the key all the way into the keyway in order to successfully open the door, drawer or whatever it is you are attempting to open. In the same way, you must commit fully to a goal that you plan to reach.

When you map out and attempt to reach a goal you will only meet success if you are fully engaged in accomplishing it.

Write down your goals. Map out your path to reach success. Get help if you don’t know where to begin or to help keep you on track and accountable, take yourself seriously – while still having fun of course!

Find or buy yourself an interestingly different key and keep it with you as a reminder to go all the way in your commitment and endeavor.

The key to success is yourself!