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Finding the Motivation to Get Moving

Being semi-new to the area living where houses aren’t on top of one another makes for a challenge to get out and be with people; especially when you’re on the [hesitating] shy side of existence. Finding the motivation to get oudoors and get some exercise also poses a challenge.

The universe works in mysteriuos ways though. A few weeks ago I was cleaning inside the camper for our first trip of the year. It was a weekday and I had a few hours before having to go into the office for a client session. Keeping a keen eye on the clock I got everything finished in good timing, collected up the water bucket and various other supplies and proceeded to head into the house when I found that I had locked myself out. I calmly put all cleaning supplies down and walked around to the back door hoping that I forgot to lock it after taking the pups in but no such luck. The two wagging tails and panting tongues smiled in their doggie way at me enthusiastically inviting me in. Oh how I wished they had those opposable thumbs!

Knowing time was ticking I began to stress, what to do, what to do?

Oh, I didn’t mention that I also left my cell phone in the house. Ah universe, you’re so swift!

The only thing I could do besides feeling defeated was to breathe in deeply, put on my marching shoes and walk to my next door neighbor for use of her phone.

We had met previously but not much more than quick conversations and cordial hellos and such. She was kind and gracious to let me in and call for help. My better half was finished work but was planning on giving his truck an oil change in preparation for hauling the camper in a few days. Fortunately I caught him before he pulled the oil plug. While waiting for him to come to my rescue, my neighbor and I talked and I mentioned that maybe we could meet up and go walking sometime soon; she too works from home and can use a “water-cooler’ or coffee if you prefer, break too.

Fast forward a few weeks and here we go, walking 3 miles at least 3 times a week, uphill both ways! Well, maybe not both ways but it is a hilly walk one way.

This walking and talking connection has been great and it has given me the desire to walk more! I’m inspired, I’m motivated, I’m alive! What a fantastic feeling it is!

If you desire to get even a little bit of exercise, don’t put it off, find a way and just do it or else the universe will find a way for you.



2 thoughts on “Finding the Motivation to Get Moving

  1. Hi Dawn,

    What a great idea! I am determined to start a new walking regime and not put it off. Congradulations on your new habit.



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