My Water-Beads

A few weeks ago my very good friend gave me 5 beaded bracelets and said to use them as “water-beads” (not to be confused with absorbing water beads developed for plants and decorative purposes). You may have learned in the past to put 5-8 elastic bands on your wrist and switch them as you drink to help you keep track. Elastic bands aren’t pretty, they pull your skin and arm hair if you’re a guy, and can sometimes be tight. Water-beads eliminate the cons and add pros. Sure guys can wear them too, just find colors/styles that suit you and string a set for yourself!

My friend has a set as well and each time she drinks 8 ounces of water she transfers a bracelet to the other wrist. These fun beads serve useful purposes, when you see or feel them on your wrist, it reminds you to drink up your H2O and you can keep track of your daily hydration.

What a great idea! Check them out!

(I add 3 sets of beads that I already owned to total 8 bracelets)

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