Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Happy Lines; the Records of Smiles

Smiles (383x640)Each time I look into the mirror, I see that my eyes have recorded my history of smiles. Nobody really has it easy in life – I’ll admit that truth. But what I’ve done with what once was has made a positive difference. I cannot change the past, I cannot wish it away but I can leave it where it is-past.

I took that big bold step toward smiles and I never will regret it. If something from your past is greeting you every morning and it won’t let you go, you can take it in your control and choose to let it go. Choose to find a list of smiles in your reflection too. Start loosening your grip on all the yesterdays so you can begin your journey with each new day. Choose to live in this very moment you’ve been given.

I’m thankful for a line or two around my un-weary eyes. It’s proof that I have let it go – that I have been set free. It’s proof that I can love this life even through difficult situations. I have learned to accept where I am right now and I’ve learned to take chances. I’ve also learned that it’s ok not to trust everyone as not everyone is true and kind.

Start your collection of happy lines where smiles will always be. Find peace within and peace without; heal, grow and get free!

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