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Cool Your Joints!

We’ve all heard someone say at one time or another “cool your jets” but what I’ve heard quite often lately is “cool your joints”. Yes, all the joints in your body that ache can be alleviated simply by healthy eating. Some folks have food triggers that lead to stomach aches, backache, headaches and even sore, inflamed joints. If you’re one of those with joint pain, consider the foods you eat. Many folks don’t want to hear the words “eat your fruits and veggies”, but they are the foods that will help the most. You don’t have to become a vegetarian but you should eat between eight and thirteen servings per day. It’s not as hard as it sounds. We’ve learned to over-estimate serving sizes, we’ve become gluttons and we eat more food than our bodies need; except when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

Be optimistic!

Happiness and contentment is in the attitude we choose to own. If we choose to be optimistic no matter what curve ball life throws at us, we can create a better outcome than we would experience if we are negative. This doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to be sad or disappointed sometimes, but just don’t get stuck in the sadness and disappointment. Feel it, acknowledge it and decide what the next step will be in order to make the bad situation better. It’s not always in our hands to change things but we always have a say in how we’re going to react to it and if the situation will run our life; our destiny or if we will run our life the way we choose. If we can be flexible and go with the flow of reality we can be part of the outcome. We can learn how to turn a negative situation into a more positive, acceptable situation. Our life is what our thoughts make it.

So, the foods that will benefit us in more ways than alleviating joint pain, such as keeping us safe from cancers and diabetes are whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, cherries, cranberries, pears and prunes (dried as well as fresh), a variety of fresh lightly cooked/steamed vegetables-green, yellow and orange veggies: artichokes, broccoli, chard, collards, lettuce, spinach, green beans, squashes and sweet potatoes, condiments in moderation use salt, pure maple syrup, vanilla extract are helpful, and…yes, water. Water keeps the joints lubricated.

If you have chronic pain whether mild or strong, consider adding food to your diet, just make sure the food is in the form of fruits and veggies and eat all you want!

You might not be there yet, but you’re on the right path! The path may be windy and sometimes uphill but when your focus is on the end result you can accomplish anything. The biggest step is the first step. Whether its physical or emotional healing or both, you deserve that relief in your life. When plan ‘A’ doesn’t work, you have 25 more ways…just keep moving forward, as a health coach I can help to guide you on your journey to wellness!


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