When the Life You Imagined Isn’t the Life You’re Living

From a very young age we all, men included, had an idea of what our lives might look like when we grew up. We had dreams of what job we would be doing and those characters changed as we changed, as our lives changed. For some of us those dreams were just that, dreams – and for others, no one was going to stand in the way of achieving their dreams. Those are the ones who are most likely happiest and most successful in their lives and their work.

For the ones who could only imagine their dream rather than actually live it, I say, it’s not too late. I say go for it, start now to re-imagine and re-awaken your dream life! If something is holding you back, move it, eliminate it, or change it. If someone is holding you back, don’t let them – ask them to go with you or at the very least support you in your adventure for happiness.

Think about the life you imagine right now. Are you living it? What is missing? What is good? What one or two things can you change, add, remove or enhance?

What does living your dream mean for you? What does it mean for you not to live it? What is it costing you to abandon your dreams and keep doing what you’re doing today?

If your friend, your partner, your kids came to you for advice or support in helping them reach or live their dreams, what would you tell them? Would you tell yourself the same thing?

Re-imagine your dreams, ponder the questions posed. Decide that it’s not too late to follow your dream no matter how big or small. No one can change your life except you; no one can realize your dreams or goals except you. You have control of your destiny; you’re in the driver’s seat. Take the first step to improve and change what you’re unhappy with.

Live the life you still imagine!

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