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7 Ways to Control Cravings

1- Don’t skip breakfast; choose a balance of protein and complex carbs such as greens and/or a piece of fruit.

2- Eating healthy snacks frequently helps keep blood sugars balanced.

3- Eliminate artificial sweeteners. They are 600 times sweeter than the natural sweetener and it tricks the brain causing your body to crave the real thing

4- Manage stress. Find ways to calm yourself and de-stress daily. Find activities that relax you and get support for stress and other issues in your life. (a health coach can support you to healthier lifestyle habits)

5- Outsmart food triggers. Activities such as movies, holidays, birthday parties, weekends can sabotage your good intentions. Find healthy alternatives for the typical junk foods.

6- Deal with hidden food allergies. Allergies cause inflammation which can decrease blood flow which can also cause cravings.

7- Use supplements. There are a few supplements that will help balance minerals in your body that help control cravings in order to ‘get’ those needed minerals. A few good supplements are fish oil, vitamin D and a good quality multi-vitamin.

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