Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat

Many of us both look forward to and dread the foods of the season. Don’t let food get the best of your efforts to lose weight. With these few simple steps you can enjoy and burn off holiday, summer BBQ’s and other celebration type foods. Try to get a leg up on being in control and fit; boost your metabolism so that our body can burn calories more efficiently.

One sure way to boost your metabolism is to get some exercise in your routine weekly or daily if you’re super motivated. Even a short 20 minutes a day can make a significant difference in your energy level and it can boost your mood to a happier more positive place. When you add just 5-10 pounds of lean muscle you can rev your resting metabolism burning up to 100 calories when doing nothing!

Eat right & don’t skip meals. Yes, once again vegetables are a star in eating well. You should aim for 5-8 dark, colorful vegetables every day, 1-3 fruits, lean proteins such as eggs, chicken, smaller cold water fish, and fiber. Fiber foods such as dark leafy greens, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds are harder for the body to digest making the body work harder, using up energy thus boosting metabolism in the process; and you stay full longer. Just 1/2 cup is a serving for vegetables, beans and grains, so it’s easy to get 5-8 servings daily.

Drink water! Proper hydration will keep your body in gear. Hydration is equally important in cooler weather as it is in the hot weather. Carry water with you wherever you go.

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