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A Bust for Us – Chain Restaurants

Dale and I went out to eat last night. We typically choose locally owned establishments and if they are chains, they are only chains to the area with up to 5 locations tops.
Last night we had a few errands to run and decided on the 99 Restaurant because it was close to where we were and we were hungry. Big mistake or lesson learned.
I ordered what I thought would be healthy, bruschetta chicken topped with tomatoes and asparagus…a whole 3 of them! Dale ordered chicken parmesan.
I bit into the chicken expecting well, chicken. The texture was sponge-y and watery and tasteless. I took another bite and had to investigate since the second bite was like the first. As I cut into a third piece and examined it closely, I saw layers as you would see in plywood. The chicken had perfect criss-cross grill-marks and looked like a boneless chicken breast – for the most part but ugh! it was processed, tasteless and kind of gross. Dale isn’t real particular but upon eating his meal he was not impressed either and boy were we thirsty.
On our drive home, he was driving so I decided to look up the fat, sodium etc contents of our meals on my smart phone. My thought to be healthy meal boasted 1770 mg. of sodium and 950 and Dale’s chicken parmesan meal had 6320 mg. of sodium and 2130 calories! Yikes! I almost got the chicken parmesan, glad I didn’t but we are both so sorry that we went to a chain restaurant and vowed to not do it again if we can help it.

This weekend we will consciously eating and detoxing that junk out of our systems!
We both should have gotten a salad, better yet, should have stuck with our local gems or homemade.

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