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BBQ Tempeh, Grilled Cauliflower & Quinoa

Tonight, I pulled the wool over my BF’s eyes…well, not quite as he’s not easy to disappoint when it comes to food. I joke sometimes that I should open a can of puppy food and serve it as a spread as he wouldn’t know the difference; he gets nervous because he wouldn’t know the difference! But honestly, I would never do that.

I’ve been feeling heavy and over-stuffed lately so I’ve been eating light and pretty clean all week. I decided for dinner that I would use tempeh instead of meat. I searched a few ideas for tempeh and decided for now, I’d keep it simple. I chose an organic BBQ sauce that I have to make BBQ tempeh. The results were delicious, my BF loved it but couldn’t place the flavor nor texture; tempeh is firm, almost nutty and chewy; a satisfying mouth feel. For sides I cut cauliflower into slices and grilled them up with a pinch of pink salt and olive oil, and I made a simple side of quinoa.

You can substitute honey and butter or ghee – or maple syrup for the BBQ sauce with the tempeh.

Directions: Slice tempeh into 1/2 inch slices, mine made 16 pieces. Put them into a fry pan. Mix a little water and BBQ sauce until it’s kind of thin and pour over tempeh and let marinate for about 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile, wash and cut up the cauliflower and get the quinoa simmering. When those are cooking, turn the tempeh pan heat to medium and let sizzle for about 8 minutes, flip them and simmer 8 more minutes.

Serve and enjoy!

2015-03-04 18.04.57

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