It began with a single candle…

2015-03-17 13.26.54As I was getting ready to sit at my desk to do some work, I decided to light a sage scented candle to add to the scent of slightly warming air coming in through the open window. I lit the candle, carried it to the fireplace hearth to place it down but I decided to first clean out the wood stove insert, that led to ash dust flying and dropping in front of the hearth which led to dusting the furniture right into the dining room which is open to the living room..then onto the kitchen. I then pulled out the quick vacuum and gave the three rooms plus the office a quick sweep.

As I returned to the fireplace to wash the little window in the wood stove, I realized that my bigger accomplishment started with that single candle.

All accomplishments, big or small, begin with that first step, that first action. If your plan is to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, slow down, quit smoking, quit sugar, drink more water and less soda; whatever it is, it begins with that first action. One step forward brings you closer to big achievements even when you’re not sure what the first step should be.

Take that first action step, do it for you!

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