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Do You Have Aderenal Fatigue?

Headaches, Tired, Craving Salty or Sweets, Feeling Overwhelmed, Dizziness, No Energy, Excess Thirst…are signs of adrenal fatigue.

If you feel overstressed, overwhelmed, no energy or feel like you have more energy after 6pm than you do all day maybe your adrenals are fatigued. Your adrenals are your stress receptors and if you’re constantly under stress your adrenals get overworked and end up not knowing what is a true stressor and what is daily stress. This causes them to work overtime and become drained.

Causes for adrenal fatigue are stress, overwhelm, too much responsibility and no time to unwind, slow down or relax.
Learn the signs and a few easy steps you can take to support your adrenals that are healthy for your whole body by reading Signs, Symptoms and Nutritional Choices for Adrenal Support 

In addition to eating and drinking properly it’s vital that you find ways to de-stress. As a health coach I work with my clients to find easy and do-able ways to find peaceful calm each day; I can help you too! Please feel free to contact me at or at 508-243-4523 to find out how I can help you on the road to better health, more energy and peaceful calm in your everyday life.

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