Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Releasing Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

sandpiper walkConnect with yourself. Give yourself credit for what you have dealt with or are dealing with. Accept where you are and appreciate it for being better than where you could be.

Get warm. Warmth eases tension, imparts calm – try a hot shower, warm bath, blankets, whatever helps you feel toasty and cozy.

Yoga breathing. There is a simple breathing exercise that you can do several times a day without really having to fit it into your schedule…you just have to remember to breathe. It goes like this: pay attention to the air as you breathe in fully, as you exhale fully; note the smell around you, the temperature of the air and repeat 5 times a few times a day. For a deeper breath practice try “748 breathing” inhale for a count of 7 – hold it for a count of 4 – exhale for a count of 8, repeat this 3-5 times several times a day.

Walk. Take a walk, preferably in the woods, along the shore, in a field – nature is healing. All you need is 20 minutes. Take 20 minutes to be with yourself and nature even if you live in the city you can use this practice to decompress. All you need to do is walk 10 minutes away and you’ll need 10 minutes to get back – your 20 minutes will go by quickly and you’ll feel refreshed. Want more time? Take a longer walk…just get out and walk.

Mindful meditation. Don’t know how to meditate? No sweat! Start with just 5-10 minutes of sitting comfortably quiet. Pay attention to the present moment, your breathing, let your thoughts come and go – don’t judge, don’t analyze it – just BE. Do this at least once a day, more if you feel the desire.
Exercise. Get regular daily or weekly exercise. This warms you, releases the ‘feel good’ hormone, energizes your body and helps keep your body fit.

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