Working Toward Goals

Are you working toward your goals and succeeding? If not, what things are getting in your way? What stops you from reaching your destination? Are you eliminating the unnecessary things in your daily routine or are you doing the same thing over and over thinking that eventually you’ll get the results you’re looking for? And an even bigger question, do you know exactly what your goal is, or is your vision a little blurry?

In today’s world of great distractions it’s easy to lose focus, to fail to complete your thought or intentions; it’s easy to procrastinate. The thing is, and you know it without me telling you, procrastination doesn’t bring us to our goal. Procrastination and distractions will eventually carry us farther from our goals. Don’t let these things lead you to failing to reach your dream.

Grab a pen and paper and write down your answers to the questions I posed above. Be truthful with yourself; open and honest. Write it, see it, read it…read it aloud so you can hear yourself say what your goals are. Keep your answers handy so that you can remind yourself of what you truly want daily so that you can reach them.

Here are a few steps you can use and should put into practice on a regular basis:

1 – Make a date with yourself. Once a day would be ideal but if you don’t think you can ‘fit yourself in’ start with once or twice a week. For daily, take just 10 minutes each day to focus on your desired goals. Sit in silence with eyes closed and have a mental conversation with yourself, to just breathe and be, and take time writing about your goal and how you will attempt to reach it today or what you did do to reach it today. If making time once or twice weekly, take an hour for plan your week ahead, to find peace within yourself and to dust off the old.

2 – Eliminate one thing you do that doesn’t serve your destination. All of us do things that we claim is for our own greater good but in reality it has gotten us nowhere; what is your thing(s) that has you spinning your wheels while staying in one spot?

3 – One day at a time. One of my most common pieces of advice is to set your intention every day; have a big goal in mind but break it up into daily goals – by doing this, you will be less overwhelmed and less discouraged and more likely to reach the big picture.

Always have a goal and always revive and renew your goals. Breathe new life into your dreams and do whatever it takes to reach them!

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