Goal Setting & Success

Do you have a goal that you’ve wanted to reach but either put it off until a “better time” or when you feel you can focus on it more? Do you have a goal but you’re not sure how or where to begin? What steps to take first? Most of us have goals. Many of us are lost when it comes to taking that first step. I have a few tips that can help you realize your goals and reach them.

First, start setting small goals daily. It might be as small as drinking one less cup of coffee or soda and adding one full glass of water in its place, or as big as working out, walking, etc. for 30 minutes. When you set a different goal each day and reach it, you become more familiar with setting them, holding yourself accountable and how you feel when you accomplish your goal.

After you get good at setting and reaching daily goals you can make weekly or monthly goals suing the same daily goal tactic. Before too long you’ll have reached a big goal that you’ve been trying to reach and you’ll be able to set more lifelong goals.

Don’t put off what you’ve been meaning to do. Begin making your days count starting today.

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