Healthy Lunch at Work

I am often asked for help in eating healthy at work. The best thing you can do for yourself is to bring lunch in from home and eat only what you bring in. Homemade lunch is easier that you might be thinking so I’m going to help you plan your work lunches. First, if you aren’t accustomed to bringing your lunch from home, start out slowly. Begin one to two days a week and work up from there. Most dinners can be used as hearty, filling lunch-time fare and it’s easy to prepare.

When preparing dinner, make sure that you make a little extra for your lunch. If you make brown rice or another whole grain, make plenty of extra as they serve as a great base for leftover chicken, fish or vegetables and always make more vegetables than you think is enough, they’re fat free and low-calorie.

Once dinner is done and you begin clean-up, put leftovers in small containers that you can pack into your lunch sack in the morning and go. If you tend to go out to dinner a few nights a week that works too – always leave enough for your next day lunch and ask for a takeout container; most restaurant portions are far over-sized anyways.

Plan your beverages too; that can save you many empty calories. Always remember to drink plenty of water every day; half of your body weight in ounces is a good rule of thumb.

Lunch at work is important and a healthy lunch plays an important part in your dietary goals, so keep it healthy so you can keep yourself on track and accountable!

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