Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

Feed Your Cells

Spring Cleanse SaladMy most common sayings when it comes to food and one’s diet is “feed your cells and fuel your body”.

Have you ever thought that when you eat you’re not only feeding your belly, you’re fueling your body and feeding every cell that works continuously to make you healthy?

What you feed your cells affects your body’s ability to fight disease, allergies, viruses, and to bounce back from an illness. When your body isn’t at ease it’s at dis-ease, and we all have experienced that feeling from one time or another in various degrees depending on whether we suffered an allergy attack or something of a more serious illness.

What’s the best way to feed your cells? Clean up your diet and your environment. There are countless chemicals in food and countless chemicals in products we use and in the air we breathe. While it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate our exposure to chemical toxins, we can greatly reduce our exposure through better food choices, more environmentally friendly cleaning products and keeping your home clean.

What’s a clean diet? Vegetables, especially leafy greens, are cell cleansing and feeding. They will fuel your brain and body along with strengthening your cells. Beans, nuts, fresh wild-caught fish, seeds fresh fruit and berries are great choices too. Limit dairy and meat. Limit or omit refined flours and greasy junk foods and sweet snacks.

The following are some benefits of feeding your cells.

  • Stronger immune system leading to possible quicker bounce-back from illness.
  • Healthy weight
  • More energy
    Less Fatigue
  • Less body aches & pain
  • Healthy blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure
    Healthy heart
  • Better ability to handle emotional stress

…and a host of many other benefits.

Give it a try! Feed your cells and compare how you feel before and after. Try it for a t least a full week if not longer so your body will have a chance to clean out the gunk and to feel the benefits of cell cleansing, energizing, fueling foods.

Happy, healthy eating!


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