What HOME Means to Me

Home can mean different things to each of us depending on our circumstances, our childhood and where our heart feels at ease. For me home is felt in two places and appreciated equally.

While I don’t own a beach cottage, yet, my heart and soul feels most at home when I am close to the ocean. I love the salty air, the seagull’s cry, the splash and crash of the waves, the feel of sand under my feet both summer and winter.

Home in everyday ‘real life’ isn’t by the ocean, yet 😉 but it IS my sanctuary. I have recently learned just how much my home means to me. 

Home is my place to enjoy the company of friends and relatives no matter how small or silly the celebration of getting together may be. Home is also my space. It’s a place to unwind and take comfort in the material things we all own in life which make us who we are as unique individuals. Home is my place to create, work, play, sing, exhale, BE. Home is my expression of individuality, Home is where he and I return to at the end of each work day to be together. Home is peace, comfort, safe and kindness. 

What is your home to you? What do you do to make it your sacred space? 

Breathe, exhale, be. 


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