Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Help Your Body Heal During and After Illness & Stress (and in-between!)

Stressful moments in our lives are inevitable from time to time. Surgery and illness are also likely to occur. Stress, illness and surgery can bring on symptoms that interrupt our body’s ability to heal quickly or fully but you can take steps to help the healing process.

Food, emotional support, mental focus, and of course rest can help you recover. By eating a proper diet of whole foods that are high in vitamins and minerals on a regular basis can help your cope and recover from illness and stress and eating a proper diet before surgery can help the body heal better as well. Emotional support on a regular basis can help you handle stressful situations as they arise and mental focus will help you keep your thoughts reasonable and positive. Supportive therapies can range anywhere from a nutritional & lifestyle coach to a clinical psychologist depending on each persons needs and desires for support. These therapies can teach you how to stay mentally focused and how to rest properly; a nutritional/lifestyle coach can help with proper nutrition too.

Some important practices to incorporate into your life for better health and healing are attained through foods – proper nutrition. When we eat whole, fresh, low fat, low-salt foods and avoid chemical additives and preservatives on daily basis as a lifestyle habit, our body stays healthier and can fight infection and recover more fully when it is compromised. Processed and fatty foods are difficult for the body to digest especially after illness or surgery.

Practicing stress-relieving activities and practices help us to handle and recover from stressful situations including daily stresses and illness/surgery quickly as well.

Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massage and talk therapy are helpful in physical and emotional recovery. They stimulate circulation which feed your blood cells.
Eat a diet richest in whole fruit, berries and vegetables; especially darker colored & leafy vegetables.
Include foods rich in vitamins C and A to help build the immune system that fights infection.
Green Tea contains anti-carcinogenic properties which stimulate immune cells and may protect against bacterial infections.
Lemon balm added to salads or made into a tea is a relaxant to help you rest and boosts your immune system. Lemon balm is easy to grow and will come up in your garden every year.
Be positive. Staying positive benefits you more than others. A positive outlook helps you focus on the good instead of being swallowed up by the bad. Be surrounded by feel good situations instead of situations that make you feel bad.
Flush your body with plenty of water daily. Lemon juice and/or raw apple cider vinegar added to water both help to detoxify your organs and your blood.

When you learn what foods serve you best on a daily basis and eliminate the foods that harm you, you will find that illness and stress are less common to you and when surgery is necessary, you will most likely heal faster with ease. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!

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