Hamster Wheel

Hamster wheelDo you feel like you work hard to reach your goals but don’t get anywhere? Do you feel like maybe you’re on the ’down’ escalator walking ’up’? There are a few helpful tips that I’d like to share with you.

Everyone’s metabolism is different and everyone has different reactions to foods.  A “diet’ that might be working for your friend might not work for you. The same goes for exercise routines and food & lifestyle choices.

Treat your body as it is – unique. Find what works for you.
Make your mind up. When you truly make your mind up that you are going to do something, it makes it less of a chore and more of a journey; you can then have fun along your personal path that leads to your ultimate goal.

Simplify. There’s so much information out there and hundreds of different diets that all have the same claim. Stop the head-spinning rollercoaster and make a reasonable plan that will work for you.

Quality and quantity count. The kinds of food you choose to eat matters as much as how much you eat. Stick diligently to proper portion sizes and choose fresh whole foods over prepared foods including frozen items and take-out.

Be honest. You can tell everyone anything you want but the very bottom line is that you know the real truth; be honest with yourself. You don’t have to justify anything to anyone except yourself. Be personal for a while, let your guard down by not confessing the bumps in your journey to others, and make it yours for a while. When you reach your goal, share it if you wish, it’s yours, you did it!

Be proud. When you make small goals and improvements, they all count. Be proud of your accomplishments even if they seem too small – If it’s a step forward it’s never “too small”.

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