Give & Take

20160529_160425Relationships, whether they are personal, family or on a professional level require give and take. You’ve heard the phrase before but have you truly listened to the words? Give comes first; take follows.

When situations involve two or more people we must work together, compromise and respect others’ thoughts, ideas and feelings.

When we give, we often feel inspired and helpful; when we take, we often feel that we need to give back somehow. Giving back is good especially when we give from the heart and not just because we are expected to.

Sometimes we feel that we need help, we might feel that we give more than we receive and sometimes it might be overwhelming. At times such as those, it’s perfectly fine to decline being available to help as it’s equally fine to ask for help.

By working together and respecting one another(s) space, time and thoughts, we can feel the calmness that give and take inspires. Become open and honest in a gentle way, change your thinking to help change your inward feelings about giving and not receiving. Not everything has to be reciprocated; be satisfied in knowing that and do what you feel you can do.

By becoming an equal partner in give and take, you become calm, collected and satisfied.

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