The Disorderly Mess of a Chaotic Mind

Your head feels like it’s spinning just as fast as your thoughts come and go. You have a list of things you have to do, want to do, should do, wish you could do and dream about doing. You have another list, probably written, of things you wish you didn’t have to do, things you have already done, and things you will probably never do. You have sticky note reminders reminding you to make a list for this and a list for that and the list goes on and on and on…

You have errands, chores, work, indoor and outdoor household responsibilities, kids, pets, appointments and extracurricular activities. You want to start checking items off of your list but feel overwhelmed, tired, weary, exhaustion, mental and physical tension, confusion and fatigue. You have no idea where to begin and just the thought of it stresses you to the max.

You might feel alone, but take a deep breath and rest easy because you’re not alone. Today’s fast paced society and gadget gallery world that is supposed to make things easy and more convenient for us somehow brings on more confusion, stress and distraction.

Sometimes it might be helpful to take a step back, take a break, take a personal day to get your ‘lists’ and priorities lined up. Take a day away from technology overload and bounce back refreshed with a new and positive outlook. Put all your lists together and pool them into one big categorical TO-DO sheet.

How? Here are a few tips:
1. Decide on what items are priorities and put them above all
2. Make categories: Urgent, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Must-Do, Want-to-do, Dreams, Optional…etc.
3. Put each item under the appropriate category
4. Use 3×5 index cards for list items and 8.5×11” papers for categories and assign each item appropriately; by using this method, you can change the category or importance of a particular item and file away what items have been finished; a true feeling of accomplishment!

Don’t let chores and must do activities burden your emotions, mind and mental clarity. Take control of the things you can do and let go of those things you have no control over. Take a personal day every month or two to clear the disorderly mess of your chaotic mind and begin to feel the overwhelm lift!

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