In a word, how do you feel?

I once posted a question on my Facebook page asking followers to leave one word describing how they feel and I got an astounding number of responses; somewhere in the 60 -70 plus range! The common flow of answers followed a theme; exhausted, hectic, long day, busy, frustrated and sad were among some.

The answers made me more aware and wanting to help. I compiled a small list of tips and ideas for stress relief and mental and physical rejuvenation.

Busy/Hectic – make weekly to-do lists beginning with most important to least important, check things off as you complete them; this gives you a sense of accomplishment and releases thoughts of overwhelm.

Frustrated/Sad – Take time out for yourself. From time to time we all need space and quiet-time to re-sort our thoughts and settle into our positive well-being. Taking this time will give you the space to breathe and refocus.

Exhausted/Long days – Proper sleep, proper nutrition & hydration, scheduling tasks, making lists, saying ‘no’ once in a while, time for yourself, unwind time.

Proper nutrition, hydration, self-care, physical activity and fun are all important factors in finding calm balance in your day-to-day life happenings. Making note of the must-do’s, could-do’s and want-to-do’s are helpful in creating balance and ease for you each day and each week. Choose at least one day a week for yourself to do things you find fun, relaxing, and distressing-after all, you know what you need more than anyone else does. Take care of you so that you can live life fully and happily.

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