Meditation Integration


What do you imagine when someone says they meditate or that you should try meditating? Meditation is a good habit to integrate into your daily routine. It’s easy to learn and beneficial to reduce stress, ease breathing and anxiety and to help you re-center and ground yourself.

Here’s how to begin a simple, uncomplicated meditation practice. Right now, where you are, take a deep breath in, close your eyes ——- then let it out. How do you feel? Repeat it if it feels good. Just this simple step can bring calm to you.

Try a 5-10-minute daily meditation. Choose the best time for you, early morning, midday, after work or before bed, do whatever works for you. Find your ‘spot’ and make it your space for meditating. Start simply by just taking full breaths with your eyes closed and your body relaxed either sitting or lying comfortably. Repeat full, slow, mindful deep breathing while thoughts scatter your mind…let those thoughts come and let them go. When you feel that your thoughts have left, open your eyes and exhale. Exhale the negative and breathe in the positive.

Give it a try! Make it a regular practice. Do it when you think of it. Inhale and exhale fully throughout the day, it will make a positive difference!

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