Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

Food, Mood & Lifestyle Happiness

I don’t remember where but I once read this line, “Your relationship to food mirrors your relationship to your life” and as I pondered it, I realized that it’s a pretty accurate statement.

What does this statement actually mean? Well, I took it apart in ways that I personally had felt about the types food I was eating. It looked like this:

Food to me had been:

unsatisfying                             lacks quality                      rushed

not enough                               disconnected                     comforting

boring                                        stringent                             over-indulgent

uninspired                                too serious                          an emotional ‘safe-place’

Then I took a look at how my personal life felt at the time and it matched my connection to the food!

What does that tell me? Plain and simple, I needed to make changes.

How do you relate the foods you eat to the way you feel about them? How does the food taste, satisfy, fill the void and fuel your body? When you eat, do you feel that the particular food you ate wasn’t the one that you wanted so you forage through the kitchen for something else? When you eat, do you enjoy the taste and the full mealtime experience? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled with your life as it is on a daily basis? Do you feel good about your routine and free time? If not, it’s time for you to make changes too.

When you live your life fully and in the moment, you make better choices overall. You feel more confident and satisfied in your daily routine and major choices as they come along. When you free yourself from being “stuck” you free yourself of feelings of being left out, missing out and trying so hard to “fit in”.

Begin to free yourself; realize your “reflection connection” and start making changes.

Want help getting started? Contact me Together we will get you on your path to food & lifestyle happiness.

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