Planting a Vegetable Garden

My How the Garden Grows!


Come on in a sit a spell, talk to me while I pull weeds. Feel the sunshine on your face as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

My garden is growing in leaps and bounds! I’ve gotten a few goodies from it so far though my harvest will be late due to late planting after preparing the garden spot.

This year is certainly my learning year and next year’s crop will prove my experience. I’ve learned where not to put vine plants and where to put short plants too. Next year’s crop will be better!

In today’s garden I have tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, summer squashes, winter squashes, tiny cauliflower and tiny broccoli, green and hot peppers, cute, colorful eggplant, still a good bit of kale each week, and plenty of garden herbs.

I am enjoying picking my home grown greens and when I do, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

Come on in and browse around…tell me what you think!


Planting a Vegetable Garden

The Garden is Growing!

The seeds and plants are in the ground and I’ve actually harvested lettuce and baby spinach so far. I suppose for those who grow a vegetable garden regularly that’s not such a big deal but for me, well, I was jumping with joy!

With the warm and sometimes hot and sticky weather upon us it was necessary to pull the weedy looking roots of the lettuces and spinach and decide what to plant next. In this decision I chose to give my 5-year-old neighbor several squares in my square foot gardening beds. He was quite happy since he had tomato plants he had grown from seed indoors that were ready for transplanting. He helped dig out old lettuce roots, turned the dirt and planted his tomatoes. He also chose a few different seeds that I had and is looking forward to watching them develop into green beans, cucumbers and corn!

I have planted squashes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, green beans and peas and herbs. I have roughly 12 square feet to plant something else too since pulling the baby spinach roots.

This year is definitely a trial and error year for my gardening skills but it’s a fun adventure to be involved in! I’ll keep you posted on my achievements and failures with my endeavor. I invite you to share your gardening experiences too!

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Planting a Vegetable Garden

Lunch in the Garden on a Rainy Wednesday

heading into the gardenIt’s early June, mid-week and it’s raining. I’m working at a nice pace then my belly rumbles much like a mild Spring thunderstorm. I check the time, it’s 1:30, I worked through lunch. I forage a little and find bulgur wheat in the refrigerator that had been soaked a day or two ago. I decide to use that as my base meal and head to the garden for fresh herbs and a little bit of baby spinach; basically the tail end of what I planted early on. It survived a little longer due to a cool Spring. I picked basil, parsley, dill, lemon thyme and a tiny sprig of rosemary and of course spinach.

At this point I’m pretty wet and have a hefty handful of fresh greens so I head back indoors to put together my garden masterpiece of the day. I cleaned and chopped up the greens and added them to the bulgur wheat along with my own sprouted lentils, chickpeas and Himalayan pink salt (my favorite since it contains 84 essential minerals), a few grinds of black pepper from the pepper mill, olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

I sat quietly savoring each bite only stopping when every morsel was gone.

My lunch from the garden was perfect and next time perhaps the weather will be dry enough for me to enjoy lunch while watching my garden grow!

Planting a Vegetable Garden

Planting the seeds






As obvious as it sounds and as many times as I’ve heard plant a seed and it will grow, finally, planting my own seeds woke me up to the true meaning of that.

As you know from my previous post I started my own vegetable garden from the ground up so to speak. While this first year will definitely be trial and error for me, I plan on having fun and having a successful crop no matter how big or how small.

Last week I began planting seeds. I only planted lettuces and spinach then it rained for 3-4 days. I thought for sure the seeds would have molded but upon visiting my garden today I found tiny lettuce sprouts! Pure excitement for me(smiling & happy dancing) it doesn’t take much!

This little bit of action between me and my seeds opened my eyes and my mind to take action and promise will follow.

Just as planting a vegetable seed, if you plant your seeds of hope, of desire, of purpose or of positive thoughts, they will blossom into reality.

If you have a dream, a goal, a wish…plant it; make it real and it will become real! Never give up hope, never let that dream get moldy because eventually the sun will shine on it. The sun will shine on you!

Planting a Vegetable Garden

Starting My Vegetable Garden

I’m very excited about planting a vegetable garden this year! I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I moved here 2 years ago. I’ve tracked the sun and found the best location for a garden so over the weekend my boyfriend Dale, my oldest son, Ryan and I dug our hands into the earth.

I’ll be learning as I grow so I’ve decided to start small and add beds each year as I feel the need. For our first beds we’ve chosen to make four of them; three 4×12′ and one 4×4′ the smaller one will be my spot for herbs.

Since this home didn’t have a veggie garden before, at least not to my knowledge, we had to start from the very beginning. We plotted out the beds, dug up the grassy earth and pulled out many large and small rocks-and oh boy where there a lot of them! It was Saturday and it was a partly sunny day, warm but cool enough to work outside digging. Along with the digging came tired muscles and everyone slept well that night.

Sunday was drizzly, damp and cooler  and it was the day we built the bed frames. I helped where I was needed but I didn’t feel like I did the hard labor. I kept myself busy by cleaning flower beds around the yard when I wasn’t needed.

I wasn’t sure how I could help and wanted to be useful so I made sure Dale and Ryan had full bellies and plenty of water to drink throughout the weekend. At the end of the second day I warmed them up with a pot of slightly spicy chili with 3 kinds of hot peppers, simmered for a few hours and a fire in the wood stove.

The real payoff will be all the great meals I will prepare for them with my own grown produce!

I invite you to stop by from time to time, I’ll share my garden with you. Come in and sit, unwind, contemplate while you find inspiration from recipes I will share with you; you can use them or create your own healthy dishes!

From my garden to you!