Planting a Vegetable Garden

My How the Garden Grows!


Come on in a sit a spell, talk to me while I pull weeds. Feel the sunshine on your face as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

My garden is growing in leaps and bounds! I’ve gotten a few goodies from it so far though my harvest will be late due to late planting after preparing the garden spot.

This year is certainly my learning year and next year’s crop will prove my experience. I’ve learned where not to put vine plants and where to put short plants too. Next year’s crop will be better!

In today’s garden I have tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, summer squashes, winter squashes, tiny cauliflower and tiny broccoli, green and hot peppers, cute, colorful eggplant, still a good bit of kale each week, and plenty of garden herbs.

I am enjoying picking my home grown greens and when I do, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

Come on in and browse around…tell me what you think!


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