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What is your lifelong dream?

Many of us have dreams we’ve never spoken aloud. Do you have one? Why haven’t you spoken it or written it? Do you feel that you could never accomplish it? Are you afraid you might accomplish it and then not know where to go or where you’ll be? Are you confused about where to begin to head in the direction of your goal? Are you unsure of the unknown journey along the way? Change is inevitable; change is good. Change is often moving forward. I have many goals and I write them down. I see them and think of them often but that’s not enough. That won’t make them happen. I pick one of my seemingly simpler goals, set the first intention, and take the first step which always leads to the second step then the next and so on. Practice meeting your goals. Set small ones, set the first intention and take that first step. Bigger goals sometimes require help, don’t hesitate to ask for that help. A certified holistic health coach, I’m one, can be the perfect help you’re seeking. Don’t put your own goals and lifelong dreams off; take the first step. Ask for help, love yourself enough! Have a dream!

What is one of your goals or lifelong dreams? Share it here, ask questions, share experiences.

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