My First S’mores…..and probably my last

Everybody has their favorite snacks, treats or guilty pleasures. I know my niece is a dedicated fan of S’mores and for very cool reasons, it’s fitting to her!
Well, I finally had my first experience ever making and eating smores last night. Of course, because it’s been many years since I even toasted a marshmallow, I had to catch one on fire, blow it out and pull the first layer of burned sweetness off the stick and re-toast the remaining bit that was left. Yum….for that ‘one’ anyhow! Then onto the full smore…toasted another white fluff of sugar, laid it gently onto the chocolate layered graham cracker and squeezed another cracker on top…time to bite into this delectable fireside sweet; mmmm…it’s ok…didn’t love it…First off, I’m not a big chocolate fan, I rarely ever eat desserts…but, the cracker was good. But wait! I can’t stop here! It’s too fun to build these critters! I made several more and fed the man! He was still on his first when I began making them for him. He was so patient and caring while he turned his marshmallow ever so slowly and while it toasted gently and lightly. OH MY! I don’t do many things slow so it was torture for me! He enjoyed the one or two he made and the seven I made for him! We both did agree at the end that it’s not something either one of us would care to have again though, I bit too sweet! But the experience was equally as sweet!

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