Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Planning vs. Taking Action

We’ve all made plans to better oursleves through diet, exercise, self-nurturing, and many other goals. We start out full throttle and set up a plan that we think will change us and become part of our daily life. Only to find within a few weeks to a few months we’ve lost the drive.

I’ve done this many times myself. I decide I’m going to practice yoga every day, or I will find a daily exercise routine that I can do at home or I make a stand to eat three healthy plant based meals a day, or I will meditate every day even twice a day; the list goes on.

I set my goal then I work harder preparing to reach that goal than I do at just doing it!

Am I alone in preparation to meeting my goals? Have you too run to the bookstore to buy the right recipe book, the best yoga guide, (even though you go to yoga classes!), “the latest 7 Simple exercises in 30 minutes”, “How to Walk Yourslef Thin”, or the perfect meditation music? Then you couldn’t possibly go for a walk without new walking gear and apparel, so you run to the mall looking for the right fit and the right color. And gee, if I’m going to drink more water I need a few cool water bottles or a fancy water glass, a chic plate and bowl for my healthy meals and a tea cup that will hold that perfect green tea!

I’ve decided that I know enough, I have enough, and I’ve had enough! I’m going to use what I have to create the best healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner I’ve ever had! I’m going to exercise in my old clothes so that when I look and feel better, I can get new everyday clothes that make me shine! I’ll meditate without music so that I can be in the moment and feel, smell and hear all that’s around me! I’ll practice the yoga positions my instructor has given me, even if I do them wrong or in the wrong order it’s ok, at least I’m practicing! I’ll use every glass in my house to drink water or I’ll use one glass all day, it doesn’t matter how old it looks, it still holds water! I’ll use my favorite green tea mug or the one I hate to use because it’s too pretty or delicate! I’ve decided that I’m going to stop stalling and start living! If I need help, I will ask for help be it a friend or a stranger in the field that I need guidance in.

I’m taking a stand for myself! I know enough and I have enough!

I choose to move. Will you too just take action in setting and reaching your goals?

Share your struggles or thoughts here. I look forward to hearing from you!


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