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What Gets You Juiced Each Day?

Have you ever agreed to to something that you weren’t completely excited about doing? I have many times; maybe too many times.

I agreed to lead a talk on a specific subject. I know the subject, I’m not worried that I don’t know enough to lead a short thirty minute talk; it’s the talking part that worries me. I love people. I think I talk a lot and those who know me would probably agree. What I’ve never been a fan of is being the center of attention…all eyes on me! The thought of it frightens me and makes me feel a little ill.

This talk is in two days! I’ve been putting together the information and organizing the ‘flow’ of this workshop but if I think about it hard enough or for too long a stretch anxiety sets in.

So, what steps will I take in order to get through this comfortably? I think hard and I come up with a few thoughts; ” I will make mistakes, I’ll stumble on words- and thoughts will leave me like a bird in flight”, “I have to keep my word to honor this talk and be thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to be a guest speaker”, and I now know what doesn’t get me juiced in the morning or any other part of the day”. I am human! Yes, human and full of faults and I might be judged but it won’t ruin my life. I will be able to say “I did it and it was terrific or not for me or just ok but I followed through and learned one more thing about myself that I can work with”.

Sometimes we need to do what takes us out of our comfort zone in order to grow. I want to keep growing, healing and getting free! With each new day we are given the chance to do all three. When we look back one year, three years, 15 years and so on, we see how much we’ve changed and grown and we see the lessons we’ve learned along the way. In everything we do there is a lesson.

Focus on today. Be in the moment and notice little or big lessons in the various things that happen today. What lessons do you inspire to find?

Love yourself for who you are and love each day for helping you grow!

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