I dedicate this blog post to Maggi. She deserves more but this is what I have to share my love for Maggi with the world.

Maggi knew unconditional love. She didn’t judge, instead, she accepted each individual as unique; unique as she was herself. Maggi’s uniqueness and kindness drew people to her. There was not a thing to dislike about her.

She was an inspiration in one way or another to everyone who knew her. I’ll share how she inspired me.

Through Maggi I saw how important it is to be a little more laid back, to take time to relax and take time to enjoy a part of each day. I learned that some things aren’t worth stressing over until time with loved ones and friends was spent; there’s time for work, chores and errands later.

Maggi and I shared thoughts and ideas through email on a regular basis. She followed, read and commented on my newsletters, articles, blog posts and Facebook posts regularly. She might have been one of my biggest fans. Even when she was busy she took the time to read my stories and took time to let me know how much she enjoyed and appreciated each topic.

I’ve learned to take pride in who I am, feel the sunshine, smell the air, slow down, take a walk, enjoy the rain, laugh with friends and cry with friends. I’ve learned what an impact my positive comments can make in someone’s day. I’ve learned to put some things on hold but never put off visit with friends and family.

Each one of us has lost someone close to us and most of us have lost more than one. All of us will continue to learn lessons throughout our lives from those who have left us. These lessons are inside our catalog of information and only brought to the front when we need it most. Each day in many things that we do is in some way linked to a conversation with someone we love dearly.

I will forever hold tightly to the lessons I’ve learned from loved ones still here and loved ones gone.

I’m thankful to have had Maggi in my life.

If you knew Maggi or have had a “Maggi” in your life, feel free to share your story here too.

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