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To Juice or To Blend?

How do we know which one to do and which one is better for us?

Well, to begin, they’re both good for us nutritionally speaking. There are times when one would want to just juice and other times to blend.

I’ll give a brief explanation of the differences between juicing and blending.

Juicing removes the pulp fibers from the fruit or vegetable leaving a thin, dense juice. What you are left with is an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. When you drink this freshly squeezed juice it enters into your bloodstream within 10-15 minutes since it doesn’t need to go through the digestive process allowing your body to use all the nutrients immediately. It also gives your digestive system including stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines and gall bladder a rest which allows them to ‘renew’ their cells.

The down side of juicing is the removal of much needed fiber and that it needs to be consumed directly after juicing in order to reap the benefits of all the nutrients.

Blending might seem like a little more work in preparation of the fruits and vegetables you’ll be using such as cutting out the core and seeds of some produce, and removing the stems of others but in the long run it turns out to be quicker since there’s not much clean up.

Blending uses the pulp as well as the juices. You can make it as thick or as thin as you desire by adding filtered water or organic apple or orange juice. Also when you use a blender you still get all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes along with flavonoids(compounds that help protect blood vessels from rupture, prevents excess inflammation in the body and more) and anthocyanins (antioxidant compounds that help reduce inflammation in the body, support blood vessel health, have anti-cancer properties and more).

According to Prof. of Chemistry, Gregory T. Miller, of Southern Oregon University, the blending process releases a higher percentage of antioxidants than juicing which prevents oxidation of the produce.

Blending has less of an impact on blood sugar levels too since it contains the dietary fiber which slows the release of natural sugar into the bloodstream.

It also gives your organs time to rest and renew their cells since the food is broken down to a pulp with the blender.

When blending, you can make a pitcher full and keep it in the refrigerator for the up to two days although I recommend blending and drinking it fresh each day. Make a pitcherful, refrigerate it and drink it throughout the day.

Lastly, blending will keep you full longer since it contains filling, healthful dietary fiber.

There are times when it’s good to juice and other times when it’s good to blend. Personally I would save juicing for a day or weekend of detoxing and organ resting but for the rest of the time, I blend. There’s nothing like a refreshing smoothie on a warm sunny day, add ice to the mix on a hot sunny day, or in the middle of winter when there’s not much fresh local produce and my body is craving veggies and fruits. I use organic seasonal greens, berries and fruits and blend daily!

Getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables can make the difference in how you feel. If you’re craving to feel energized and alive juicing can be your thing too!

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