Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Internal wellness = External wellness

Have you ever looked at someone or talked to someone who seems unhappy, angry, miserable or just plain sad? Do you walk away wondering
why they might be in a negative way? Have you ever felt his way yourself and don’t know exactly what to do to change this feeling? Quite often these feelings are due to what you eat. Many individuals have food allergies that they’re not aware of that will cause illness inside and out. Many others are just plain overfed but undernourished. There’s a way to improve the way you feel inside that will reflect on the outside; in your face, your eyes, your tone and your overall mood. Eating a well-balanced diet that fits you personally is the most important factor in your overall health and well-being. The same diet isn’t right for everyone just as the same clothes, the same job or even the same type of car or house isn’t right for everyone. You have a uniqueness that makes you who you are and that makes you special to those around you. You can enhance your uniqueness and feel full of energy and have a positive outlook on things if you eat the way that is right for your body.

Make sure you’re getting what your body needs on a daily basis, it will change your life in many positive ways.  Do something for yourself, take care of the only body you have control over. Only you can make changes in yourself; no one else can, it’s up to you. Start today. Be good to yourself! If you don’t know where or how to start, a personal health coach can be your guide in helping you find what works for your body and for you personally. Take a step to improved wellness; you’ll be less stressed , have more energy and feel terrific in your body as well as many other great benefits!

Be there for yourself, show up for life!

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