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Does Making a Change Scare You?

Jan. 2013 015 (640x427)Contentment and security is something we all want. Excitement and diversion is also something we long for; sometimes to the point of turmoil.

Sometimes change is out of your control and you are forced to adapt. In the beginning you might feel that everything is a mess; that you won’t get through it-but you usually do make it through. You might even find that in the end it was absolutely for the better or that you don’t miss the way things used to be.

Change can also be up to you. If things aren’t going the way they used to or the way you imagined it would be, you can change something about your situation be it certain steps, a particular goal, your plan your schedule, or even your job.
Sure it sounds scary. You might not know what steps to take in order to begin changing whatever it is bothering you. You might have reservations because you don’t know how others will react or the outcome. It’s the unknowing that scares us and even prevents us from making any changes and steps forward and we stay stuck, frustrated, and unhappy.

If you knew the outcome beforehand would you make that change any quicker, or are you comfortable in the experience of knowing life as it is? What holds you back? What makes you hesitate? If this change you wish for happened out of your control, how do you think you would react; adapt?

You can practice making changes in your life by first making small changes; taking baby steps. These small changes can help you find self-assurance in making bigger changes. Sometimes when things aren’t going your way it can be helpful to just take that leap. You don’t have to know what the end result will be, you just need to know what your first step will be and most times the next step falls right into place. Before you know it, new doors of opportunity are opened to you.

If you’re dis-satisfied in the way things are going for you, open your heart and mind to making changes instead of hoping for them to happen. Don’t miss an opportunity to cause change in your life because too often when we wait, life and chances passes us by. Have no regrets. I’m not suggesting throwing everything into the wind and hoping for the best; I’m merely suggesting to open your mind and your heart to possibilities to reach your grand desires.

Think about your grandest desire(s) and think about what first step you could take to make it/them real. Write it/them in a journal or post it in plain view so that your grandest dreams can become reality. Remember, it starts with that first small step.

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