Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

Spring Cleanse Time!


My 3-Day Spring Group Cleanse began today.

This gives everyone a chance to clear out the winter gunk and reboot their system. There are many different types of cleanses and from time to time I like to put myself through a strict one even f only for a day. Every small step counts, every effort helps. When I run a group cleanse I like to make it easy enough for everyone, men and women alike, to follow-even while working.

A good cleanse focuses on the food we eat and the activity we partake in helping us clear our body, mind and spirit. It’s all uplifting!

I’ll post updates throughout our cleanse so you can see what a cleanse is like.

If you would like to do a cleanse let me know!

Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well!

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