Being Positive in Times of Tragedy

Which Tragedy? On Monday, a bombing at the Boston marathon finish line, on Wednesday night a fertilizer plant explosion in Waco, Texas. Ultimately all of the world’s tragedies included.

This week’s events are always on my mind. It’s difficult to be positive when so many are in devastating emotional and physical pain. The Boston Marathon will never be the same, we will never be the same. Since 9-11-2000 we must always look over our shoulder, we must always be on high alert. We must always stick together in a bond of love, courage and compassion.

Because of the lives lost, limbs lost, hearts broken and pain endured, I feel a sense of guilt if I say or post something positive. On the other hand I feel that we all need to hear and feel a positive thought if only for a moment.

I wasn’t always positive and upbeat, it was something I had to learn, practice and live. It was a decision that I had to make; I had to choose to hold on to my past or to remember it then let it go. I chose the latter. My mission is to help others find the peace and happiness that they have inside them and help them figure out how to remember and let go too.

It’s ok to smile, share a happy thought, or be positive in times of tragedy. Maybe your smile or words is what someone needed at that very moment.

Being positive and sharing your light isn’t a bad thing, it’s not selfish nor uncaring; it’s the very thing that brings unity, that binds us together as a family. We are all family, one nation [or all nations] under God.

I share the love and the light I have in me with you; share yours with someone too.

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