Regrets? No, I won’t waste today on regrets!

Daisies-no regrets (383x640)While talking with a friend the other day I was asked if I have regrets about a path I chose which ultimately put my big picture goal at least two years behind. I answered without having to think long about the question, “no, I have no regrets”. I have no regrets due to many reasons such as I learned a lot; I learned what I don’t want, what I do want, in what direction to head, a little bit about people and their behaviors versus their words and actions, I learned that some kindness, unfortunately, is only skin deep and I’m sure I’ve learned a lot more.

I can’t have regrets because it would mean I didn’t take that leap of faith. It would mean I didn’t step outside my comfort zone and explore my options. It would also mean that I didn’t meet some pretty great people who are still in my life. No, I have no regrets, only gratefulness for the opportunity even though it didn’t work out for the better.

What I lost is small compared to what I gained. I have new direction. I have a chance to start fresh, tweak things, maybe even reinvent myself and my goals. As Cherokee wisdom reminds me, I won’t let yesterday use up today.

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