Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

The Daily Grind

Sometimes we can all get caught up in the daily grind that describes our life. The daily grind shouldn’t describe our life though, it should only describe what’s unbalanced in our day-to-day.

If we feel like we’re caught up in ‘the daily grind’ then it’s up to us to change something. By doing the same thing over and over with the same results there’s a good chance our spirit and general happiness begins to break down. When that happens we get sad, depressed, bored, indecisive, sleepless, cranky, lethargic, foggy and sort of lost.

In a conventional job workers are given days off and vacations. This is because companies realize that everyone needs a break from the daily grind in order to come back to work with a renewed sense of being; refreshed and eager to handle tasks.

In the same way, when you’re stuck in a routine at home and begin feeling like you don’t want to cook anymore, clean anymore, attack your to-do list or grocery shop, it’s time to take a break. Just getting away for a day can help rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

A few tips to keep handy are:

1- Make a list of places you would like to visit-make a list for local places and a second list for places further away; this way you can choose day trips or over night trips.

2- Make lists of things you enjoy doing such as reading, hiking, walking the beach, bike riding, picnics, antique(ing), finding quaint restaurants to try, tours, museums…

3- Make a third list of things you can do at home to unwind, rejuvenate, and reboot. You may enjoy things like reading, meditating, yoga, movie(s) day/night…

4- Keep a list of things you’ll need to pack for each excursion for quick, stress-free packing

Use your imagination. Go deep inside and remember the things you love doing or used to love doing, remember the things you told yourself “one day I’ll do this”, your list should be unlimited and personal. Whenever something new comes to mind, add it to your lists.

Taking time out is a sort of lifestyle detox; it’s good for the mind and body. Getting, being and staying healthy is important in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Take the time you need to just be.



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