Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Healthy Eating ~ Healthy Body

We all have heard it hundreds maybe even thousands of times, eating healthy equals a healthy body. We also know that healthy eating means more vegetables and fruits, more leafy greens, more whole grains (that doesn’t mean just whole grain bread), more lean proteins, more wild caught fish, more water, green and black tea, less animal fats, less unhealthy oils and deep-fried foods, less sugars and simple carbohydrates, and less junk. Actually adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet is what stumps people, loses people and scares people away. It’s not as hard as it might seem, you can do it!

While I follow a 90% healthy dietary routine, there’s always room for improvement. For the whole year of 2014 I’m going to choose one thing to every day every two weeks, this way I will be able to try new things with intention, deeply influence good habits, make new goals and share ideas with you for you to follow too!

Check in at my blog regularly for updates!

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