Love Sprouts? I do!

sprout in jarsmung bean sproutsZesty sprout mix

Sprouting is easy and extremely nutritious. When beans and seeds are sprouted they offer more nutrients than when they’re cooked. You can add sprouts to salad, soup, grain dishes, bean dishes or eat them as a nutritious snack as I often do. You know those times when you feel like nibbling but don’t want to make poor choices? Nibble sprouts!

All you need to begin sprouting is: A mason jar, a square of plastic canvas found at craft stores (if you decide to sprout seeds such as Jonathan or brocco-seeds you can buy a finer mesh plastic canvas) Lentils and Mung beans (aka Moong beans)

Cut a piece of canvas to fit inside the screw part of the mason jar to replace the solid top.

Add 1/8 cup mung beans or ¼ cup lentils to the jar, put the newly designed cover on top, fill it with water to rinse the beans once then add enough water to cover the beans. Place out-of-the-way to soak 8-12 hours, over night works well. Empty and rinse the beans, drain well and lay jar on it’s side out of sunlight. Rinse and drain beans twice a day for 3-4 days until you see sprouts. When they’re fully sprouted, rinse and drain them then spread them out on a clean kitchen towel for about 1 hour to air dry well. After they’re dry store them in the refrigerator in a covered container.

Enjoy eating them alone or in a variety of dishes!

plastic sprout canvas

If you find that you love sprouting you can find safe seeds to sprout here: http://sproutpeople.org/

Important tip: You should never sprout seeds that aren’t meant for eating such as vegetable seeds from the garden center. They’re only used for gardening and aren’t safe to be used for sprouting in this manner.

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