My Year of 26 Changes

Habit #6 – Review & Do 1-5

Reviewing things you’ve learned or created is a healthy habit to practice. Often times we set out to do a particular thing but find ourselves halfway committed or falling in and out of practice with it.

My intention for this year is to adopt 26 new and good habits and since I’m a little behind in posting and committing to adding new ones, I thought it necessary to review what I have added and to be sure I’m practicing them. Upon looking back, I realize I’m only half ‘in’ so I will mindful(ly) practice each new habit, # 1-5.

1- Drink more water, add lemon – Assessment: [doing well with this habit]

2- Use a smaller plate or bowl for meals – Assessment: [75% of the time]

3- Meditate daily – Assessment: [20% of the time-will diligently increase to 5 minutes each day]

4-cycling 3-6 days/week – [0-1 day/week will work on getting at least 10 minutes 3 days/week]

5- Get moving – [100% of the time, always up finding things to do – need to make sure I’m getting work done as well]

This is how I see my intentions being met. I realize that my focus is more on my clients’ successes and I love that, but I must also show how it can be done.

Until next time, pick one new habit and work diligently on having it become second nature 😉



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